White magic 

White magic uses natural techniques to influence the destiny of beneficial way for the targeted person, you or your loved ones. Unlike black magic, it is safe for those who practice it. You do not advance in your life? You feel that one wishes you ill? or maybe simply you need a boost for an interview, a review, or any other course of your life? Want to turn your luck?

Kakeba masters the energy flows of the body, mind, and places to bring you luck, wealth or protection against all kinds of attacks. The bad vibes will be pushed away from you and your entourage and beneficial waves surround you and guide your steps.


Whatever the magic ritual desired, White, Red or Black, information on the person are required. So, send your names, date of birth and photograph (as for the person ) : maraboutkakeba@hotmail.com.

At the time of ritual, objects that belonged to the person may be useful. They will eventually be used to manufacture talismans.